Friday, April 8, 2011

The Frog and The Peach

We decided to partake in New Brunswick's Restaurant Week this afternoon by visiting The Frog and the Peach, a restaurant exactly as old as we are (if you don't know, we're not telling). One of the few restaurants offering both dinner and lunch prix fixe menus, our decision on where to dine was relatively easy. Both of us have eaten at F&P in the past and enjoyed it immensely.

As a starter we both ordered the spring pea soup with mint creme fraiche. The earthy aroma was a welcome start to our meal, and the soup had a nice kick to it that complimented the peas nicely. Unfortunately the mint didn't really come through as much as we would have liked, and we couldn't help but compare it to the absolutely divine pea and mint soup we enjoyed at NYC's Fig & Olive. Still, this was a nice start to the meal.

Again, we both opted for the same entree, Duck Confit Risotto with asparagus (none on mine, thank you), parmesan cheese, and a sherry reduction. The duck on this was absolutely superb. There were meaty, juicy pieces mixed in with ultra-crispy strips that presented a great textural balance with the creamy risotto. The parmesan cheese added a nice salty note to the dish.

At this point we couldn't cram much more in, but thankfully the desserts were quite small. We ordered both options this time, a ginger creme brulee and an Alpaco chocolate sorbet with cassis meringue. The creme brulee had a great ginger flavor, but to be honest, the dessert has never been a favorite of mine. The chocolate sorbet was incredibly rich, and the topping (what I'm guessing was the cassis meringue) wasn't meringue like at all, but it was very salty and even potent. We barely finished, and I think there was even a bit of sorbet leftover.

For $19, you won't find much better food. I wish we could go for dinner as well so I could order the chipotle glazed flat iron steak, but that will have to wait for another day.

You can check out all the restaurant week menus here, which run until April 16th.

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